Corporate Video

Messaging with impact

To be confident your company's messaging hits home, is on point, looks professional and keeps audiences engaged.

Contingent Filmmakers produce professional industry content, presenting your subject in its most compelling light (no matter the topic). By applying techniques we've garnered from years of extensive experience in film and TV news, we deliver engaging, impactful corporate videos your company will be proud of, and use for years to come.

We'll help your business with


Training videos
CEO messages
Staff stories
Internal team messaging.


Annual updates
Website videos
Recruitment and career videos
Social content.

Our Approach

Our Corporate Video Edge

Meaningful Angles

We don't believe in boring. Made well, corporate videos have the power to create impact. Contingent Filmmakers do the groundwork to find and deliver the most meaningful angle for your message.

It's in the details

Our work embodies your organisational values down to the finest details. We ensure your video’s script, colours, logos and footage all feels intuitive to your company and the message you’re conveying.

Exceptional quality

Whether internal or external, the quality of your corporate communications reflects your professionalism. Our videos are to the highest technical standards and elegantly crafted to tell your story with impact.

Minimise your downtime

Your time is valuable. Our focus is to minimise your downtime. We’re pre-production heavy and come to your job with clarity about what you want, ensuring we get step by step sign off so you feel in control.

We’re agile

Our team is agile and efficient and have years of TV news experience. We know how to turn interviews around quickly without the need for a huge crew to deliver you content that exceeds expectations.

We make it fun

Corporate video production shouldn’t feel like a chore. From beginning to end we make your experience stress-free and enjoyable whether you’re in front of the camera or working with us to plan your content.

Case Study

Rugby Australia

In 2020, Rugby Australia saw an opportunity to build engagement with their audience during NAIDOC week by highlighting indigenous representation across the national sport. They came to Contingent Filmmakers with a tight deadline and open brief for us to find a suitable story to bring to life the week’s ‘Heal Country’ theme and shine a light on their dedicated NAIDOC round.

Amidst the volatile environment of a developing global pandemic, we dug deep to navigate COVID-19 related roadblocks, including the late cancellation of their NAIDOC round event. Minus the event, Rugby Australia’s NAIDOC round was still in play. With great footage of the match under our belts, it all came down to the story we told. With the knowledge a new NAIDOC week jersey had been designed especially for the match, we reached out to the commissioned indigenous artist to discuss the meaning behind his artwork and the importance of being involved with such a pivotal match. We also spoke to an indigenous player on Club level about what NAIDOC week and wearing this jersey design meant to him. What resulted was a highly shareable video that resonated deeply with viewers, exploring cultural inclusion in rugby across Australia.



Corporate videos take the form of any non-advertisement based internal or external messaging you wish to relay to stakeholders.