Deeply engaging. Highly consumable.

Contingent Filmmakers craft visually stunning, original and consumable TV shows and series, proudly holding broadcast credits across both local and international markets. We have a rich history delivering deeply engaging, binge-able family entertainment and observational documentaries that bring awareness to causes, perspectives and personal stories. The energy you’ll feel from the stories we produce comes from truly loving what we do. We stand behind the stories we work on and go the distance to capture the best possible content to open up the narrative in entertaining and unexpected ways.

Capture imaginations with realisations


Social impact

Our Approach

What gives our work the edge?

Our abundant creativity

Our uniquely creative ideas, and how we translate them on-screen speaks volumes. We know what’s on-trend socially, globally and environmentally and will bring it all together in a way that increases your story’s value.

We do everything

Writers, producers, directors and technically skilled across the board, our many years of experience within the film and television industry means we are equipped with greater scope to what the project needs.

We’re all Australian made

Everything we do is made locally and never outsourced. On global projects you’ll find us in the thick of it, travelling to each destination and rolling up our sleeves to get the best possible shot.

Quality counts

We meet the highest broadcast standards. The onscreen quality of our productions is exceptional because we’re ahead of the curve, using only the latest equipment, technology and techniques. 

Numerous broadcast credits

Contingent Filmmakers have numerous broadcast credits to our name. Our Australian made television shows and series are currently being distributed to both national and international markets.

We do what we love

The joy we get in bringing an important story to the screen is evident in every TV show or series we work on. We bring passion to every part of the journey, from ideation to filming, right through to final production.

Case Study

Extreme Animal Transport

Originating as a passion project, Extreme Animal Transport is a proactive TV series following the global transport of large and/or dangerous animals. Created as 10 x 30-minute episodes, Extreme Animal Transport was shot across 16 countries, from the outback of Australia to the Balkan mountains in Europe and is our first Contingent Filmmakers title made for global distribution. This title has already been screened in prime-time on free to air TV in Germany and New Zealand.

To increase distributor and streaming platform interest we set out to make our television series as watchable as possible, appealing to a family demographic. Such a broad target audience is often tricky. A diverse range of ages brings with it diverse sensitivities, likes and dislikes. In Extreme Animal Transport we delicately balanced cute, heavy, light and (sometimes) scary content, capturing each animal’s story in its most engaging, yet palatable way. Our nimble team of two was an undeniable advantage in filming the light and shade we needed for our family demographic, as our agility provided us access into areas larger film crews could not reach. This is a project we are immensely proud of as there’s nothing quite like it in the market.



We film all types of TV shows and films and have a keen interest in social change series and observational documentaries including: 

- Wildlife
- Tourism
- Social impact
- Sport
- Crime
- History.