TV Commercials

Connect with your consumers

Well crafted TVCs are an art. Packaged beautifully and concepted imaginatively, your message has the power to move consumers, compelling them to act. 

Contingent Filmmakers unmistakable storytelling capability paired with our stunning technical skills shape television commercials to make them stand out against the TVC noise. We creatively highlight your message in its most impactful light to honestly and viscerally connect with your customers -  all in the space of an ad break.

30 second masterpieces

lion stares at camera, while sun sets in the african background


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Our Approach

Our secret to successful TVCs

Creativity is key

The best TVCs plant themselves in your mind, replaying time and time again well after you see it. Our proven creative ideas and documentary-level storytelling deliver effective, head-turning campaigns.

Don’t rely on the obvious

To stand out, don’t tell the same old story! Contingent Filmmakers uncover unique angles and meaningful moments to give your commercial a point of difference and spark your audience’s attention.

It’s not just about vision

A powerful television commercial takes into account what you see and what you hear. By placing great focus on audio and scripting, we ensure nothing is overlooked in creating the strongest TVC possible.

Experience is everything

Successful television commercials understand the nuances of the TV landscape. Our years in the film and television industry give us the experience to produce and deliver successful TVCs laden with impact.

Cover every angle

TVCs are smooth sailing with a production team that facilitates every step of creation. To make it easy for you, our multiskilled team cover everything end-to-end, from casting, set design, filming and production

Film quality ad campaigns

The most memorable ad campaigns are often compared to what we see on the ‘big screen’. Using every facet of our filmmaking skills, we believe every TVC should feel like a filmgoing experience.



If you have a product or a business you can make a TVC. To ensure it makes it on air you’ll need to work with station schedulers to buy air time. If you require help with this process we can assist you further.