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Every business has a story. By telling yours, you can organically engage your customer base on a deeper level to build loyalty around your brand.

Branded social content shows you’re passionate about what you do through short, easy to consume videos. Usable across social media and other communication channels, these videos put a face to your business. They reveal who you are, what you believe in and why you do what you do, simultaneously building authentic brand connection and amplifying your sales message.

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Our Approach

Why branded content?

Build engagement

Branded social content starts conversations, encourages action and increases sales. Contingent Filmmakers find the stories at the heart of your business and present them in engaging, shareable ways.

Create connections

Every business has a story. When you share it in its most authentic light you show people what you hold valuable. We connect you to your customers and increase organic engagement.

Tailor your message

The voice of your content shapes how your business is viewed. So what do you want to say? Our work expresses your message in ways that seamlessly align with your business objectives.

Capture unique angles

How you tell your story is just as important as what you say. Your point of view is uniquely you so we ensure your branded content is told in an engaging way that feels just as one of a kind.

Go where customers are

In a hyperconnected world, the most effective way to connect with people is to jump online. Branded social content reaches your audience through social platforms in bite-sized and engaging ways.

Be Authentic

Through branded social content, you can show people the real you. Our beautifully crafted videos tell your story in a way that represents you in your most authentic light.

Case Study

The Dogs' Refuge Home

The Shenton Park Dog Refuge Home is a volunteer-based NGO that cares for, shelters and rehomes dogs within Western Australia. A lot goes into giving dogs a new beginning, so to keep business viable, an adoption fee is charged for every pet they rehome. Yet many customers are unclear why this fee exists. So our client came to us seeking beautifully crafted and shareable content to provide a better understanding of the fees associated with dog adoptions.

To explain how this vital community resource works, we created four emotive videos explaining key stages of the adoption process, how the fees support them and the difference the Dog Refuge Home is making to so many animals’ lives. Each video was thoroughly pre-planned and mixed real-time footage with reenactments, ensuring our story came together smoothly. From the pain of surrendering an animal to the joys of finding their forever home, we crafted a beautifully moving representation of the Dog Refuge Home’s services, the selflessness of the volunteers and the passion behind their goals.



Branded social videos are short 30 second to 3 minute content videos that provide your consumers with insights into what your business represents while simultaneously amplifying your sales message.