Unlock your
film’s potential

Whether we’re in planning stages or on set, Contingent Filmmakers unlock your film’s potential by staying observant. Sometimes the most meaningful storyline is hidden within the tiniest of moments; our role is to make sure we get to the heart of these moments and they don’t pass you by. By listening intently, being patient with talent and asking the right questions (at the right time) your most impactful angle can present itself. This vigilant attention to detail opens the door for your best material to be uncovered.

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Nothing is missed

Our years of experience form the foundation of our professional approach to your work. We’ve been there (and done that) so know how to deliver results, fast, coming into each project with a plan and a clear understanding of what you want to get out of it. To us, there’s no such thing as just showing up unprepared. In fact, we’ve always got a plan A, B and C up our sleeves to avoid roadblocks. At every stage of production, our sign off process ensures nothing is missed and you feel in control of the creative direction. With Contingent Filmmakers, your experience will always feel intuitive and easy. 

Move audiences to action

Our goal is to not only deliver you a technically beautiful film but uncover your story’s most interesting angle. Our ability to build honest connections with the subject and get to know you on a deeper level is how we tell your story in its most powerful form. This means not shying away from the difficult and exploring every angle to see what inspiration may be lying just out of view. Both technically and creatively our skilful storytelling brings every facet of your film together to realise your vision. Your message will spring off the screen and move audiences into action with Contingent Filmmakers.

Embrace the unexpected

Telling your story in the most engaging way involves uncovering the gold that might otherwise be overlooked. It’s why we never shy away from twists and turns in the storytelling process because this is often where the deeper narrative lies. At Contingent Filmmakers, we embrace the unexpected, investigating every opportunity that arises. Because we don’t rely on the obvious, the ordinary grows into the extraordinary. This willingness to explore is what sets our films apart.

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